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Nurturing Your Nature: Embrace Wellness the Natural Way
A podcast for women who desire a natural approach to support their womanhood.

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Meet the women behind the microphone! 

With a background in women's health, life-coaching, doula work, hormone coaching, fertility awareness instruction, christian charism coaching, and essential oils/natural living, meet the hosts of the Beyond the Aroma Podcast!

Alicia Whalen

My name is Alicia Whalen. I am a child of God, military wife, mother of 3, and a believer that all things work together for our good. And that God is the giver of good things.

As a Mind and Life Coach, plus Eddie Villa Certifed Coach for Strengths and doTERRA Wellness Adovcate, I am passionate about helping women, especially working moms, find their true identity in Jesus, realize their strengths and use natural tools to support their mind, body and spirit, while raising babies and conquering goals in their workplace.

Danielle Martens

Hello! My name is Danielle and I am  a hormone educating, coffee loving, wife and mom. After experiencing my own fertility difficulties, I became  passionate about helping women get the care and education they deserve. I am  trained as a postpartum doula, trained in FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management) and have been using essential oils for 10 years. I want to help you feel the power of living in your purpose through the knowledge of your cycle and natural living. 

Elissa Miller

Hey there! I am a beloved daughter of God, Catholic convert, wife and homeschool momma to four little ones and certified hormone coach. I love baking, going on bike rides and  chatting about theology & philosophy. My life was completely turned upside down when I heard teachings on Theology of the Body and when I started learning more about my monthly hormonal cycle. It was during this time, when I  learned to love my feminine design, that I was introduced to the powerful and natural tools of Doterra essential oils and have loved their effectiveness and versatility ever since. 

Jamie Rathjen

My name is Jamie Rathjen and I am a hormone fanatic :) I am the owner of Fiat Institute and have the pleasure of training women all across the country to become hormone coaches.

I am a trained FertilityCare Practitoner and have worked in the area of women's health care for 15 years. I am the cohost of a top-rated podcast in women's health and hormones called The Hormone Genius Podcast and love every minute of it!

I started using essential oils about 10 years ago and believe the usage of essential oils is one of the biggest opportunities in women's health care. 

Taylor Allmand

As a Hormone Coach and FEMM Charting Instructor I teach women how to naturally chart their cycles and address the underlying causes of symptoms through natural solutions, promoting the restoration of their hormonal health through my business, Living Well. I am also a wife, mom to one sweet baby boy, outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things chocolate. When I'm not meeting with clients, I enjoy going on long walks with our dog, cooking up a hormone healthy recipe, or binge watching my favorite reality tv show!

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Essential Oils

Clean, pure, and potent essential oils can be transformative when incorporated into our wellness routines, especially for busy women. Join us as we provide valuable insights about these incredible gifts from nature.

Natural Hormone Support

How "hormone aware" are you? If you are looking to increase your hormone awareness and learn about ways to naturally support your hormones with the use of essential oils and toxic free living, look no further. We've got your back! 
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This podcast is a heartfelt dedication to our cherished customers. It's a labor of love, a gift from our homes to yours. Our aspiration is that you'll now feel well-prepared to nurture your womanhood with affordable, natural tools. We genuinely adore our customers, and we're overjoyed to have you here!

Behind the scenes!

Get to know the ladies behind the microphones and the heart behind our mission at Beyond the Aroma Podcast. 
Our aim is for you to resonate with our stories and perspectives, so you can join us on this journey towards embracing the best versions of ourselves. Together, we'll explore hormone awareness, natural support tools, and a faith-filled approach to empowered womanhood.
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