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The Hormone School is a step-by-step training program that empowers women to launch an exciting career in hormone coaching...all from home!

lets make hormones cool again!

Does the thought of learning about the genius of your hormones excite you? Does it excite you even more to share what you have learned with others? If you are looking to enhance your existing business, incorporating hormone awareness and hormone support to your current clients, or are looking to launch a hormone coaching business from home, book a discovery call. I would love to learn more about you and see if we are a great fit for one another!

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About me
Hello there! Nice to meet you! I am a wife, a mother of four and I am fascinated by people--by their purpose, by their uniqueness, by their special gifts.  Not only am I fascinated by individuals, but I am PASSIONATE about the design of our bodies, specifically the feminine design as it relates to hormones. I am in awe of how our bodies can tell us SO much about the state of our health, our minds, and our well-being. I am a fertilitycare practitioner, a speaker, the founder of Guiding Star Cedar Valley (an amazingly awesome branded healthcare center), a hormone coach and the founder of The Fiat Institute. 



You Are A Part Of A Movement Hormone Ambassadors are a part of a movement. We are hormone translators as many women were never told the basics about the beauty and genius of their hormones. Hormone Ambassadors fill that gap. Hormones have a voice, but are women ever trained to listen? That's our role friends, the translate the voice and language of our hormones.

Your Are A Hormone Genius. As a Hormone Ambassador, not only will you learn about the basics of hormones, hormonology, and the fertility cycle to teach to others, but you will also come to understand more about YOUR hormone genius. Its takes getting in touch with our hormones ourselves to best understand how to share this information with others.

Your Call To Authentic Womanhood. As a Hormone Ambassador, we live in authentic womanhood. We are  "Fiat Women" who, with trust, says "yes" to natural law and celebrates the attributes of womanhood.

You Are A Wholistic Feminist. Wholistic Feminism is a term coined by Leah Jacobson, CEO of The Guiding Star Project. Wholistic Feminism is the name of a new movement that honors the natural law ethic and celebrates the natural super powers of womanhood: ovulation, gestation, and lactation. As Hormone Ambassadors, we view the body through a hormone genius lens, and sees the body as made with intention. 

The fiat insitiute

The Hormone Education Program (a.k.a The Hormone School) of The Fiat Institute is the first of its kind. Its a program that is meant to serve the "everyday woman" by the "everyday woman."  We approach hormone balance through the lens of the feminine genius and the hormone genius. We offer natural solutions like essential oils and supplements to create harmony within the body. We view the body through the Christian worldview, recognizing the intention of the feminine design.  We acknowledge the power that an informed woman can have in taking charge of her hormonal health. The Fiat Institute serves the "fiat woman" and trains her up to say "yes" not only to her natural body, but to help other women say "yes" as well. 

Friends, the world needs us now more than ever! What would it be like if every woman was a "fiat woman?"

You do n eed to alter your womanhood, let us help! 

reserve your spot today to become a hormone support sister to journey alongside the women in your world?

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