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Your body has a language, your hormones have a voice, and they are trying to tell you something.

Are you listening?

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Every woman needs a hormone coach!

Bekah Yawn

I have worked with dozens of women and couples nationwide to empower them in their fertility health. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, graduating top of my class in FEMM certification, and practicing as a FIAT Hormone Coach, I am well respected in the fertility education community. I can help any woman learn magnitudes about her body and how to support it naturally through utilizing my FEMM Hormone Harmony program.

Breastfeeding Moms
Struggling with Infertility
Miscarriage Prevention Support
Mood Swing/Anxiety/Low Mood Support


Paige Krohn, RN, BSN

I am a registered nurse and certified hormone coach in Indianapolis. I became interested in women's health during my undergrad when I felt unheard and began to do my own research. You deserve health care that honors and embraces the design and dignity of your body!

College and young adult women
Women seeking education on their fertility cycle Women interested in natural solutions to symptom relief
Women looking for a friend to walk with them in their health 

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Alice Schwantes

I have always had a heart for women, mothers, and babies. I am a FertilityCare Practitioner of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, trained birth doula, hormone coach, and essential oil enthusiast. I believe in seeking out natural alternatives first, but as a former scientist, I appreciate the balance between natural medicine and the modern healthcare system. I believe in the beauty of how women's bodies are designed to work and desire to share my knowledge of the fertility cycle with women and couples.

Women in their 20s and 30s with PCOS

What makes Hormone Coaches trained through Fiat Institute unique?

  • Wholistic Worldview

    We view the body through a "wholistic" worldview, recognizing the intention of the feminine design. We acknowledge the power that an informed woman can have in taking charge of her hormonal health. 
    • Natural support tools for hormone imbalance symptoms
    • Root cause support and restoration plans
    • Biohacking/cycle-syncing tips
    • Co-created hormone support plan
    • Hormone Education Sessions
    • Student workbook
    • Sisterhood and support
If you are looking to ditch the pill or are fed up by your hormones and want to try a natural approach to your hormone health, then hormone coaching is for you!

Women Deserve Better

Many providers believe that birth control is the answer for common women's health concerns...women deserve better.

million women in the United States use hormone contraception.

of women use hormonal contraception for a health concern. 

of women change their birth control method at least 5x due to side effects.

of medical providers never learn about natural systems to track fertility while in medical school
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