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As a FertilityCare Practitioner with a master's degree in Community Health Education, my studies delved into the efficacy of fertility awareness based methods and their underrepresentation in medical settings. In 2022, I established the Fiat Institute, dedicated to training women as hormone coaches to provide genuine support and companionship to other women. Through my personal and professional journey, I've come to believe in the transformative power of fertility awareness to impact women, families, and culture.
"Every woman deserves to understand the genius of her hormones and the beauty and dignity of her womanhood."

Jamie Rathjen, M.A., FCP

Founder & Owner | Fiat Institute
Co-Host | Hormone Genius Podcast
FertilityCare Practitioner
Hormone Coach Trainer

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Discover the profound significance of God's purpose for women in today's world. Through a compelling fusion of science and humor, I illuminate the importance of embracing fertility awareness as a tool for empowerment. From demystifying cycles to celebrating our God-given feminine identity, each talk is crafted to inspire, encourage, and leave a lasting impact.

Dynamic Talks on Women's Healthcare

Interactive Sessions on Fertility Awareness

Inspiring Messages on Embracing Our God-Given Femininity

Engaging Q&A and Personalized Discussions

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Teresa Kenney, WHNP

Author of The Happy Girl's Guide to Being Whole

"Jamie is an incredibly effective speaker! With her passionate and lively presentations which use storytelling and relatable metaphors, she will engage her listening audience in a way that inspires others. Her speaking power is palpable!"
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Curious about Jamie's speaking style and personality? 

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If you are looking for a continued way to grow in your hormone intelligence, be sure to follow the Hormone Genius Podcast, where my co-host Teresa Kenney and I share with women how to be the genius of their hormones and the proud owner of their feminine design.
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